What is an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) Scanner?

With the latest advancements in technology, most vehicles are now automated. Automation now enables mechanics and other auto repair experts to monitor and analyze repairs. The system allows for self-diagnosis and reporting, for a more efficient repair process.

The OBD system cannot be helpful unless there is a device that interfaces the system. The OBD scanner is a tool that reads the codes generated by the system using inbuilt testing equipment. The playback feature of the scanner will display the troubleshoot problems for the expert. The scanner tool also clears error codes.

The OBD scanner will show you two types of information. Diagnostics, which is the readout error memory and the real-time data. The report will indicate whether the car has a fault embedded in the codes important to the critical system of the vehicle. The vital systems, in this case, include the ABS, airbags, and transmission systems.

So how does the scanner work? The first thing to note is that not all error codes are bad. The codes vary depending on the car's manufacturer. Very few codes spell trouble for your vehicle. All you need to do is locate the diagnostic connector and connect the OBD scanner. Enter the required information and access the menu for the codes. Once you see the codes, move to the error codes diagnostics and reset the Check Engine light.

Using the OBD scanner requires a steep learning curve. It may take hours to grasp the whole concept and memorize the steps. Therefore, it is advisable to contact an expert to help you out. It will save you the cost of buying your own equipment most of the time. And let's face it, it is nice to have someone take care of the job.

Most auto shops have these OBD scanners, and you can use them for a fee. So you don't have to buy your own scanner, considering the steep cost involved. Don't forget the logistics involved in learning how to operate the scanner. So, when you run into problems and need repair services, don't panic. We invite you to drive to Protech Automotive Services, where you will have experts attend to your car.