What To Do When Your Mini Breaks Down On The Highway?


What To Do When Your Mini Breaks Down On The Highway? - Protech Automotive Services


A Mini vehicle can develop a fault at any time and in any place, however, a common and unpleasant experience is when the car breaks down on the highway. Whether it is a flat tire, a problem with the engine, or some other type of mishap, it’s important to know what to do, so you can avoid a dangerous situation and get back on the road more quickly. Here is a quick checklist to follow in case your Mini decides to break down on the highway.

Steps To Take When Your Mini Breaks Down

Stay Calm and Safe

The first step is to remain cool and composed. Even if the situation seems dire, panicking will not help and only make the situation worse. Take a deep breath and think of what you should do next. If possible, drive to the right side and park on the right shoulder of the road. Signal the drivers behind you that you are moving to another lane with the intention of parking the car.

If you cannot get to the shoulder, the next best thing is to seek the nearest safe zone. Switch on the hazard lights immediately after you discover that there is an issue with the car. This will notify other drivers that you are experiencing some issues with your vehicle and avoid causing an accident.

Assess the Situation

Once you are out of the traffic and away from other vehicles, evaluate the situation to figure out the type of issue you are facing. Check for signs that are very obvious such as a damaged tire, steam coming out from the bonnet, or unusual sounds. This can let you know what’s going on and if you can do the needful or if you need to seek assistance. If it is impossible to exit your Mini, remain inside the car with your seat belt securely fastened. This is especially important if you are driving on a highway with many cars or if it is night and the weather is not very good.

Call for Help

When you have exhausted your troubleshooting skills, it is high time you seek assistance. If you have a roadside assistance plan it is advisable to contact them to come to your aid. They can tow your car, fix a flat, or do other things that are needed. It is advisable to ensure that all the membership details are well noted especially when making a call. If you are in a dangerous position or if you cannot move your car out of the dangerous zone then, call the emergency number 911. They can send help to make sure that you and others are safe. If you don’t have roadside assistance, then you can contact a close friend or relative to come and assist you.

Prepare for Future Breakdowns

When you are on the road again, you should take certain measures that would help you in case of another breakdown. Make sure you always have a kit in your car for emergencies. This list should comprise items such as a first aid kit, a flashlight, flares, triangular reflective signs, spare fuses, wrenches, and a new tire with the tools required to change it. Make sure that you take your Mini for routine maintenance so that you do not have to deal with a breakdown often. These include checking on the oil, coolant, tire pressure, and other parts of your Mini that are important for the smooth running of the car. If you are still without a roadside assistance plan, then you might want to consider getting one.

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What To Do When Your Mini Breaks Down On The Highway?

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