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The suspension of a car is one of its most important safety features. It is responsible for keeping the car's wheels in contact with the ground, absorbing shocks from bumps and potholes, and providing a smooth, comfortable ride. In order to achieve these goals, the suspension system must be carefully designed and properly maintained. A well-designed suspension system will include a variety of components, such as springs, shock absorbers, and stabilizer bars. These components work together to provide a safe and comfortable ride. However, if any of these components are worn or damaged, it can result in a rough ride and increased risk of accidents. At Protech Automotive Service, our mechanics specialize in suspension services & repairs for the Johnston area’s most popular European & Japanese vehicles.

Signs of a Damaged Suspension

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Your car's suspension system is responsible for providing a smooth ride, and any sign of damage should be addressed immediately. One telltale sign of a problem is if your car seems to "bounce" after going over bumps. This could be a sign that your shocks or struts are worn out and need to be replaced.

Another indication of trouble is if you notice that your car is leaning to one side when cornering. This could mean that one of your suspension components has failed, resulting in uneven weight distribution. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your suspension, such as creaking or popping, this is also cause for concern.

With proper care, your suspension system can provide years of trouble-free service. However, if you suspect that something is amiss, it's important to have your car checked out by a qualified mechanic.

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At Protech Automotive Service, we specialize in suspension maintenance and repairs. Whether you're dealing with a broken spring or a worn-out shock absorber, our team of experienced mechanics will be able to get your car back on the road in no time. We understand that a smooth ride is essential for your safety and comfort, which is why we always take the time to do the job right. We are proud to serve drivers of Johnston, RI, as well as the nearby towns of:

If you're in need of suspension service, be sure to bring your car to Protech Automotive Service. You can trust that we'll take care of everything for you.