Common Auto Repairs Done in the Summer

For many people, their car gets a lot more mileage during the summer than any other season. Many of you will be taking road trips to the beach or visiting family. And other times, you'll be making the commute back to work. The miles can quickly add up on your car, which is why we recommend scheduling a maintenance check at Protech Automotive Services at the start of the summer. 

We can help you prevent any unnecessary repairs or unexpected breakdowns during the summer. Here are some common problems that drivers experience during this time of year:

Overheating Engine

When the sun is beaming on your car, it has to work even harder to keep the engine cool and everything under the hood cool. Sometimes, it may be too challenging to keep up, which is why engines overheat rather quickly. Typically, the repairs for an overheating engine are new coolant or a thermostat replacement. Engines that frequently overheat may require more severe and extensive repairs.

Air Conditioner Repair

Another necessity during the summer is car A/C. You typically don't use your car air conditioning during the winter, so any problems may not be noticeable until the summer. Whether you need freon or a new A/C component, Protech Automotive Services can assist you with your needs so that your vents can blow cool air again.

Tire Change

For those who have invested in switching to winter tires, you'll need to change them back to summer or all-season tires when the weather warms up. Another reason tire changes are expected during the summer is due to how hot the pavement can get, making tires more susceptible to tire blowouts.

Battery Replacement

The last thing most drivers will need during the summer is a battery test. Battery health is critical to driving, especially since you don't want the car battery to die out of nowhere. The test will allow us to see if there's enough charge left on the battery. Otherwise, you may need to replace it soon.


In general, we recommend bringing your vehicle to Protech Automotive Service for all your vehicle needs this summer. Don't let car trouble hold you back from all your summer fun. We invite you to give us a call or visit soon.