Do You Have to Change Power Steering Fluid?

Before we look in to whether it needs to be changed or not, let's talk about what power steering fluid is. Power steering fluid is a fluid that makes steering your vehicle easier. Power steering fluid is a very important in keeping your vehicle running. Your vehicle's power steering system can either be hydraulic or electric. The hydraulic system is the one which utilizes fluid in order to apply hydraulic pressure. The electronic system on the other hand uses electronic motors as well as other sensors.

What is the Purpose of Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is a type of fluid used within the steering system of a car. It is responsible for creating a link between the vehicle's steering wheel and its front wheels. It helps to lessen the effort you need to put in to turn your vehicle. Beside being a hydraulic fluid, it also lubricates other parts of the steering system that move. Lastly, it prevents corrosion of the power steering gear. There are different types of power steering fluid, such as:

  • Automatic transmission fluid (ATF). This fluid is used in the automatic transmission and it can also be used in some power steering systems.
  • Synthetic power steering fluid. This non-oil based fluid is usually made for a particular car type or system which it is used in. It is used in most newer, recent cars.

Should I Replace My Power Steering Fluid?

While it's not anything to stress over, you can replace your power steering fluid if you feel the need. The best method is to use a turkey baster to drain some of the old fluid. After this you can then refill the fluid to the correct level. The more you do this, the more of the old fluid you get rid of.
While you can do it on your own, the best and safer way for you to do things is to have a qualified mechanic take a look at your car and decide for you. So, if you need a power steering fluid flush we invite you to bring your vehicle to Protech Automotive Services today!