Five Signs of a Bad Cooling System

For a vehicle to perform to it's very best potential, it must have a well functioning cooling system. A malfunctioning cooling system could mean that your vehicle is in danger of overheating. You must be able to identify the early warning signs of a wearing cooling system or you may suffer serious consequences such as your car flaming up.

Five Signs of a Bad Cooling System

  • A Smoking Engine

Seeing your vehicle's engine smoke is on obvious sign that your cooling system is malfunctioning . If you happen to notice this while driving, stop your vehicle on the side of the road and seek help.

  • High Temperature

Another tell tail sign of a struggling cooling is when the temperature gauge suddenly increases into the red zone. Once again stop your vehicle and contact a professional to assist you. Your mechanic will tell you whether or not it is safe for you to continue driving your vehicle.

  • You're Low on Coolant

If your vehicle's coolant is low then it will not function effectively to cool down your vehicle. If you notice that your coolant drops all of a sudden make sure to contact a mechanic immediately and have them inspect your vehicle for the problem.

  • Leaking Coolant

It is very important to regularly check your vehicle for any leaking fluids such as leaking coolant. The best place to check is the area where your vehicle is parked most. If you notice any brightly colored fluid on the floor who did you contact a mechanic to have a look at your vehicle.

  • White Smoke

White smoke exiting your vehicle's exhaust is a good sign of cooling system problems. It means that your coolant is burning up inside the combustion chamber and it's time for it to get checked out.

So if you happen to notice any of the above-mentioned signs, take the necessary steps to have it checked out and fixed. If you need cooling system repair we invite you to bring your vehicle to Protech Automotive Services today!