Fluid Change and Fluid Flush: Is there a Difference?

Your car has several essential fluids to keep its internal components running correctly. The six critical fluids in every vehicle are engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. If these fluids run low or the fluid itself is not in good or clean condition, your vehicle could display some alarming problems.


Fluid Maintenance

It is highly urged that you check your fluids periodically. The most frequent fluid service that you have to keep up with is the oil change. The other liquids don't need to be refilled or replaced as often. Most of the time, you may hear a couple of different names regarding fluid maintenance: fluid change and fluid flush. The average person may use these terms interchangeably when they bring their car in for service, but there is a significant distinction between the two services. Let's discuss the difference between a fluid change and a fluid flush.


A fluid change is as straightforward as it sounds. It entails draining the fluid currently in the pan or reservoir and replacing it with fresh fluid. In oil changes and transmission fluid services, filters are replaced in addition to the fluid change. This service is generally all you will need if your fluid levels are getting low or the fluid is losing viscosity. 


A fluid flush is a much more intricate process. This service is usually required when there is a lot of corrosion, gunk, debris, or even clogs in the lines. Dirty or corrupted fluid can bring about significant damage to your vehicle if it is left in the reservoir for long. During a fluid flush, allthe liquid is drained from the entire system. Next, the lines are flushed and cleaned out before adding in fresh fluid.


Typically, a fluid flush will cost you more than a standard fluid change because of the additional work for flushing and cleaning out the lines. However, it is very much worth every penny when it comes to your car's overall health and performance. Whenever a technician recommends a complete fluid flush, it usually means they have serious concerns. Do not take the suggestion lightly.


Fluid Maintenance in Johnston, RI

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