How to Tell If You Need New Brake Pads

Have you driven and had to stop or slow down? When you go to press on your brake pedals, you hear a loud screech. Could this mean your brake pads are done for? Do you need to replace them? Read on to learn more about brake pads and how to tell whether it is time to replace them.


Brake pads are an important part of your braking system. They apply the necessary pressure and friction to a vehicle's brake rotors to slow and stop your vehicle’s wheels. A typical car, SUV, or truck has two pads on each wheel. Like your tires, the front brake pads usually wear down quicker than the pads on the rear wheels. However, it is best to replace all of them at once. 


Brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles, give or take. It ultimately depends on your driving habits, the quality of the brake pads installed, the make, model, and age of your car, and how much wear is left on your pads. Your vehicle handbook has all the information you need to know about your brake pads, so be sure to follow the instructions for proper brake performance.


Worn brake pads can be troublesome for many different reasons. First, it can overheat and cause the brake rotors to warp. If left worn long enough, it can even lead to complete brake failure.


When you bring your car to Protech Automotive Services, our technicians will thoroughly check all your braking components. There should be at least 1/4 inch of pad left to be considered safe and legal. Anything less than 1/4 inch of the pad means it is time to change your brake pads. Below are some additional symptoms that indicate you need brake pad replacement:

  • Squealing when braking
  • Burnt smell coming from the brakes
  • Car pulling, burning smell
  • Vibrations when braking
  • Slow brake response

If you are due for a brake pad replacement, we welcome you to Protech Automotive Services. Our team will have your brakes restored and you back on the road in no time. Please call or visit our shop today.