Preparing Your Car for All Seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Did you know that seasons also influence car maintenance intervals, just like driving distance? Maintenance is crucial if you want your car to remain in prime condition.

This post highlights the general maintenance items needed to prepare your vehicle for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Preparing Your Car for Spring

With the numerous tire options available today, it is essential to swap your tires. For example, you can shift to All Season tires. Examine your headlights and make sure your vehicle is always clean. Also, remember to replace your wipers, check the braking system, and look for leaks. Lastly, replacing your air filter will ensure a smooth transition into Spring.

Preparing Your Car for Summer

When getting your automobile ready for Summer, you must begin by topping off engine oil and other common fluids. Then proceed to secure and test the battery before checking your tires and tire pressure, including the spare tire. Also, remember to check your belts and hoses, replenish the windshield cleaner, and replace the wiper blades.

Preparing Your Car for Fall

To prepare your vehicle for Fall, you first must ensure your heater/defroster is in perfect working condition. Have a professional check the battery, refill the cooling system, inspect under the hood, and change the oil and air filter. Other standard seasonal maintenance services for Fall include checking the lights, brakes, and tires.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

You can save your car in the Winter by making the following preparations;

  • Fill up the tires to the recommended pressure. You can also consider shifting to snow tires.
  • Check the tire tread
  • Rotate the tires during oil changes
  • Have a professional fix the heater
  • Change the oil and antifreeze
  • Inspect the battery

With that said, we figured out that you might need vehicle service or repair. Therefore, why don't you bring your automobile to Protech Automotive Services and benefit from our professional services?