Should You Have Your Wheels Balanced?

With our busy lives, it can be easy to let automotive maintenance slip away from you. However, putting off maintenance can have more damaging effects than you think. You may be putting your and your passengers’ lives at risk. One of the most overlooked forms of maintenance is tire maintenance. 


Tires are the only part of your car that actually touches the road. So, obstacles, poor weather conditions, and other unexpected surprises on the road can put your car in danger. Tires and wheels naturally wear down over time. Because of how unpredictable the road can be, it can cause your wheels to go out of alignment or be unbalanced. Therefore, we highly recommend you have your tires and wheels inspected regularly.


After a thorough wheel inspection, your mechanic may recommend a wheel balancing service. Even if your tires look fine, they can feel uneasy and shaky when your wheels aren’t balanced. Normally, your car should drive without any vibrations. To fix the problem, a wheel balancing service balances the weight of all wheels so that your tires can wear more evenly. 


When the weight of your automobile is uneven and unbalanced, it creates a heavy spot that makes your tires wear quicker and causes your steering wheel to vibrate. Leaving tire imbalance alone also causes other issues with other systems too, like your suspension. When you don’t address minor tire or wheel problems, parts will become damaged and you’ll find yourself having to replace your tires real soon.


Wheel balancing is essential in giving you control and stability with your vehicle all while keeping you safe. The main symptoms of wheel imbalance include: 

  • Uneven or premature tire wear
  • Damaged suspension
  • Difficulty steering
  • Wheel vibrations
  • Lowered fuel economy

Tire health is one of the most important aspects of preventative auto maintenance. It is more than just tire pressure, but it involves wheel balancing, tire rotations, alignments, and more. Let the experts at Protech Automotive Services take care of your car so that it can stay reliable in the long run. We invite you to our auto repair shop for a thorough tire inspection and wheel services today.