What Are the Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Sometimes fuel injectors can get dirty despite consistent efforts to keep them clean using fuel injector cleaners. Dirty fuel injectors can lead to problems like engine stalling, a rough idle, and poor fuel consumption stats. So how can you tell your vehicle needs its fuel injectors cleaned? You should first understand fuel injectors' role in your car's design.

Fuel injectors allow the right amount of fuel into your engine's cylinders. They form a regulator for how much fuel your engine gets for perfect motion. If your fuel injectors are dirty, you will notice;

1. The Car Will Not Start

Your engine depends on air and fuel to combust and produce the power to be propelled forward. It may also be possible that the car does not have gas, so dirty fuel injectors should not be your first conclusion when your vehicle does not start.

2. Rising Fuel Consumption

Brand new fuel injectors should give you fuel consumption rates. These rates should be similar to what the manufacturer recommends. If trips to the gas station get you stressed, it's possibly because your car's fuel injectors are not doing their job right. Dirty fuel injectors will have difficulty regulating how much fuel they let in the engine cylinder.

3. Your RPM Needle Won't Sit Still

The RPM needle works much like the arms on a clock; they let you measure time. Except this time, you measure the rotations per minute of your vehicle's shaft. If the RPM needle keeps shifting, your fuel injectors are probably dirty. Sometimes the needle measuring RPM may move without any external stimulus, which is a definite sign you should visit the repair shop.

4. If Your Car Sound Crackling

Dirty fuel injectors will make your car sound as if it has a bad cold. If your car sounds like it's crackling while it's idle, then it probably has dirty fuel injectors. You may also realize the car vibrates harder than before, making car rides uncomfortable.

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