What Is a Tire Alignment?

A tire alignment (or wheel alignment) is the process of aligning a vehicle's wheels and axles so that they can move in the same direction. Typically, it is done by reconfiguring the suspension system and adjusting the wheels. Unlike some other maintenance items you can do yourself, a wheel alignment requires a high level of expertise from a professional mechanic and an alignment machine. 


Signs You Need A Tire Alignment

Besides having your alignment checked at each maintenance appointment, you should also look for particular signs indicating that your wheels' angles need to be modified. They include:

  • Pulling left or right: If your vehicle veers sharply in one direction when driving straight, it may be because its tires are under-inflated or are misaligned.
  • Steering wheel vibration: Steering wheel pulsations may result from misaligned wheels. Most of the time, it happens as a result of your tires pulling in opposite directions.
  • Off-centered steering wheel: It's vital that you pay attention to the appearance and behavior of your steering wheel when you drive. You may be unaware that you're driving with a crooked steering wheel, which indicates you have misaligned wheels. 
  • Uneven tire wear: To check tire wear, you should examine your tires in pairs. If the wear patterns in the front or back aren't the same, it may indicate that your tires aren't correctly aligned.

As you can probably guess, tire alignment is an essential maintenance task. Your vehicle comfortability, handling, and safety are compromised with misaligned wheels. Not only that, but you wear your tires down prematurely if you neglect to get this done. 


If your vehicle needs a tire alignment soon, please call or visit Protech Automotive Services.